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201711-9 pm : : Christmas & year-end special course reservation
Seasonal autumn deepens day by day, but we ye how you doing? Well today is Christmas and forget..
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2017年10月17日 : : Niku Jazz festival
10/24 (Tuesday)
Enjoy the evening listening to live music and professional artists.

We cannot accept reservations from the Internet.
Please contact us directly.

2017年9月30日 : : Notice of the extraordinary store closed
Indeed it is a 9/30 (Saturday) we will store closed. Customers have received patronage from around the us..
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2017年7月12日 : : Announcement of the Gion Festival sales
Gion Festival evening individual mountain 14-the opened a stall on the first floor entrance until the 16th. Meat bar specialNot a 'yakiniku rice Barker"..
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2017年7月6日 : : Show's wine fair
Is meat Bal Show's dining 7Wine Festival will be held, entitled "shows wine fair" than Friday January 7 Our shop....
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おはようございます。 お盆の真っただ中、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? 皆様におめでたい報告がございます! 当店の常連様が、ご結婚されることになりました! お祝いの場に当店を選んでいただき、皆様に楽しんでいただきました。本当におめでとうございます!心からお二人の幸せをお祈り申し上げます。 お盆も休まず熱血営業!! 本気でうまい肉バルを目指し続ける肉バルSHOWSdiningを宜しくお願い申し上げます。皆様のご来店を心よりお待ち申し上げております!!
Good morning. Midst of the o-Bon, the celebration will be? There are reports like to Congrats to everyone! Our regular customers, your marriage will be! Choosing our celebration place, lunch was enjoyed by everyone. Congratulations indeed! Sincere best wishes to the two of you happy. Without trays, hot sales! Meat bar SHOWSdining keep trying to get meat bars, really thank you. Are forward sincerely for your visit!